Monday, September 6, 2010


Puzzles are common symbols of strategy and patience, the ability to slowly build and see the completion before it actually occurs, which is a result much greater then the sum it’s parts. Throughout our lives we come across puzzles, whether they come tumbling out during long weekend visits to the grandparents, or whether they confront us, hidden and disguised in the problems in our lives, people we meet and the tasks we need to do. In both situations we need to step back, look at all the pieces and realize there is more to it then just solving it, but coming up with a result; a picture.
However beyond what we hold inside of us, and beyond what we do as an individual, we play a much more important role then what is seen at first glance.  How we grow with our families, how we learn with our classmates, how we make choices with our community, and most importantly, how we connect with our world.
When we walk with someone, it is not just about putting one foot in front of the other in stride, we breathe together, we talk together, we laugh, cry, sing and smile. We interlock with each other, becoming a bigger picture, little attributes in us line up with the other, connections are made. However, often times we do not see that connection as what it really is, for it is hard to step beck and realize the effects that these small contacts actually have, it is not until they are gone that we realize our pictures are not complete without a network. Which is why we must learn to treasure and build all that we can, in the time that we have.
Around us, every day, we see the overwhelming pile of an unsorted, nearly seven billion piece puzzle, waiting to be completed, or even attended to. It seems that some pieces just fall together without too much effort, but what we are making is not a picture, but millions of different smaller ones. It needs to be known that we all fit together, we all have shapes that are just waiting to be filled with the counter, but it is a search, a never ending search of fulfillment, bringing us to places and through experiences we could never even fathom. Everyone we meet, lost or weary, broken or hungry, is a part of it, just as significant as the strongest and the bravest among us.
Our global community is an unfinished puzzle, a picture, so much greater then the sum of it’s parts. The true potential and beauty of this picture is revealed more and more every day, with each connection made another piece falls into place. We can interlock across oceans, over deserts and through mountains, if we truly try, there are no physical barriers to our networks. We can all walk together, we can all share parts of ourselves with each other, from a simple smile, to a life long friendship. We live together on this planet. We grow together over the years. We learn together the values of our actions. We walk together.